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Doug Graff
Doug Graff

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Life changes can be scary....let me walk with you through the process.

My real estate career started almost by accident. I had moved to Las Vegas and was working remotely for a software company from Silicon Valley. I found myself with 3 extra hours a day not commuting and starting thinking about buying a rental property during the down economy. I closed on my first property just days before losing my full time job. I spent the next 7 months rehabbing the rental, getting my real estate license and looking for, as my family called it , "real work," I eventually found another day job, but, I had been bitten by the real estate bug. My awesome real estate mentor helped me sell my first house to a Silicon Valley executive who wanted to get out of the rat race and California taxes. Next, I turned to Short Term Rentals...think Airbnb. I went through the licensing process and have been running two properties here in the City of Las Vegas proper for about 5 years. Next, since non-grandfathered short term rentals are no longer allowed in the City of Las Vegas, I turned one of my rentals into a furnished "relocation" home. A place for folks who do not what to move twice, but do not want to commit to a full year lease. All of this has given me a huge gamut of experience and at each turn more opportunities to learn. The only constant that I know is that I need to keep exploring new trends and opportunities, for myself and my clients. Technology and the sharing economy have dramatically changed how people work and how they look for, buy, use and sell properties. Please let me put my technology background, real life experience and Mid-western service mentality, to work for you. Conversations cost nothing. Let's have one today!

Doug Graff Doug Graff Realtor, Signature Real Estate Group

Representing you is my #1 job. I believe in honest, direct and very transparent communication.

Try Before You Buy

I'm a firm believer that you should love your neighborhood. If you want to lease before you commit, I'll gladly help you with that process too.


Let me help you learn the benefits of living in an income tax free state.

Investment Property Management Options

Let's explore all the options for your investment property. Put my years of Short Term and Long Term Leasing to use for you.

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