We pay 35% for Buyer or 40% for Seller Referrals

We pay more for your referrals!
Buyer Referrals
35% on Buyer Referrals

Why give up more commission than needed on YOUR clients. You did the work to built the relationship and are trusting us to take care of them. Our buyer referrals pay you 35% of the commission we earn on any business they do with us.

Seller Referrals
40% on Seller Referrals

We love seller referrals more than anything! Thats why we pay YOU 40% of the commission we receive from your seller on the selling side. It takes us less hours to work with your seller leads than buyer leads so we can pay you more!! We provide Single Property Websites, HDR photography, Custom Flyers, etc for all of our listings. Your clients will receive the best service in town!

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We love your referrals and I hope you would like to take ours. Las Vegas is known for being a transient state. Many people move into and out of Las Vegas and nearby cities like Henderson, NV. When we have a referral for your area, you will be the first choice. All we ask is that you reciprocate the referral fees that we pay. Let us become your Nevada referral source!

The Bouchereau Group

With a decade of experience, we know the best way to serve your clients here in Nevada. They have a choice of 4 agents to work with, so you can feel comfortable that they will be in good hands.

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Don't Leave Money On The Table!

Let us handle all of your Las Vegas, Henderson, or Boulder City Nevada referrals. We pay more because we know you did the work finding and nurturing the client to be ready for a transaction in Nevada. When you hand off a client to us, we make sure you know where they are in every step of their transaction, so you can expect when to be PAID! We look forward to working with all of your NV clients! Referrals are paid out within 48 hours of receiving from escrow.

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